Apps that have widgets ios 14

apps that have widgets ios 14

It can do it randomly, changing the displayed image every 10 minutes, so that you can always have a different one to greet you when you unlock your phone. There are an ultra-minimal weather widget and a few calendars. ColorWidgets Having useful widgets is great, but having useful and stylish widgets is better. You can download Spark Mail app for free here. Here are some of our favorite third-party apps that offer home screen widgets. Calendars, however, has a pretty useful collection of widgets to offer, ranging from small widgets that present a simple monthly calendar or upcoming events to a full Agenda widgets that mixes these in with tasks, plus two standalone task list widgets in all three sizes.

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How To: Custom App Icons \u0026 Widgets On iPhone Home Screen! (iOS 14)

Apps that have widgets ios 14 -

Slopes: Ski and Snowbord. All snowboarding experience recorded and with the information needed to practice it using iOS and WatchOS systems. Control the money distributed for each personal expense and manage different global currencies. Here are some of the apps that have already been updated with widgets compatible for iOS But the apps keep pouring in, so your favorite app may have home screen widgets very soon.

Some devs are still testing out their apps with the new style of widgets and can only be used in their beta apps. Many app betas are available in Apple's TestFlight app, though you'll need to get an invite from the developer to use most of them.

If you're dying to try out some third-party widgets, however, it could be worth it. If we know that a widget is in the works for a specific app or utility, we'll add those to the list below as well, indicating as such. That way, you know what works now, what will work, and what doesn't.

As mentioned above, some apps require you to download and install their betas via TestFlight to try out their new widgets. To add widgets to your home screen hold down on an app until the menu appears.

Not every app has a widget yet, but the new feature will likely get more popular over time. For now, here are a few cool ones you can try. Spark is an email and calendar app for iOS, Android and Mac. Beyond being a solid email platform with impressive inbox sorting, it also has a few iOS widgets.

There are a couple of minimal widgets that tell you simple things like how many messages are in your inbox or your next event, as well as more complex peeks into your email and calendar. Timepage is another calendar app that has a pretty forward-thinking design.

There's not otherwise much to these widgets, although they'll undoubtedly be useful for frequent travellers — once regular air ios becomes a thing again — as the app updates pretty dynamically to help widgts track the stages of your travel so you can see things like flight status, check-in times, delays, and more at a glance. Best of all, you can select widgets that will only display specific categories, such as groceries. A few taps are all ioss takes, and you can combine different blocks into widgets, and fill in your home screen with all the widget that you could ever thst. Scroll have to select a widget, then choose from three widget sizes. Download TimeDeck for iOS Download Motivation from the App Store for free. You can use Smart Stacks or create your own widget stacks.

It's also worth adding that the latest Things update has also added support for Scribble in iPadOS 14, new complications for the Apple Watch, and specific support for Wind Down mode to help you review important tasks before going to bed. Day One Jesse Hollington The popular journaling app Day One got a really nice update a few months ago already, with version 5. There's a Daily Prompt widget in three sizes that will give you questions to inspire you to jot down your thoughts, plus the On This Day widget that helps you reflect on your ponderings from years gone by.

A Streak widget helps keep you journalling each and every day, and a Today widget gathers the day's activities from your calendar and travels to spark some inspiration. Yazio Jesse Hollington If you're looking to get fit, lose weight, or just improve your diet, then Yazio is a great way to help you meet those goals, and it has an iOS 14 update ready to go to help you keep on target with a whole new series of widgets to keep your hopefully good eating habits right in front of you.

A basic Summary widget will show you how many calories you've logged today and how many extra ones you've burned, with the remaining countdown shown right in the middle. For a more detailed breakdown, there's a Nutrition widget that shows you how many calories you've consumed versus how many you've allocated for each meal, and a Macronutrients widget will show you a breakdown of your daily calories, protein, carbs, and fat intake instead.

There's even more here, however, with widgets for counting down fasting periods, tracking water intake, steps taken and calories burned, and even recipe suggestions. Plus there are now over new complication variations for Apple Watch users so you can keep track of your dieting and fasting right from your wrist. Apollo for Reddit Jesse Hollington Hardcore redditors probably already know about Apollo, the third-party app that's considered by many to be a far superior choice to Reddit's own iOS app, and it's once again demonstrated this with a day one iOS 14 update that brings a whole wealth of new features and a variety of different widgets.

First there are widgets for displaying a single post or multiple posts from specific Reddit feeds, in all three sizes, so you can see at a glance what's going on in your favourite subreddits. If you want to dress it up a bit, you can also choose widgets that display these posts in a grid layout instead, complete with photos.

A set of shortcut widgets also provide buttons to take you straight into your favourite subreddits. Then there's a wallpaper widget, in all three sizes, that will pull out and display photos from image-heavy subreddits that you pick. This is joined by a widget dedicated to the Showerthoughts subreddit, and another one to surface funny jokes from joke-related subreddits. Spark Jesse Hollington Readdle already promised us a few weeks ago that it would have all of its flagship apps ready to go with iOS 14 support right on day one, and it hasn't disappointed.

The popular email app Spark is one of the first to be ready to take up its place as a new default email app on iOS 14, and Readdle has also packed a wealth of widgets in here as well. There's a small widget that just shows you how many new emails you have in each category, medium and large widgets for listing your latest unread emails, plus one that even includes four quick action buttons. Plus, since Spark includes a built-in calendar too, there are independent calendar and today widgets, plus two that combine your latest emails with a summary of your next appointment.

Naturally, you can also now take advantage of the new default email feature in iOS 14 to set Spark as your default email app as well. Calendars Jesse Hollington Not to be outshone, Readdle's Calendars app has also gained several new widgets, making it one of the first third-party calendar apps to do so, although we're sure there will be a lot more coming. Download Merriam-Webster from the App Store for free. Download FotMob from the App Store for free.

Download SignEasy on the App Store for free. Download Agenda on the App Store for free. Here is how app clips work in Parcel. You share a delivery from the app with somebody else via iMessage. Download OffScreen on the App Store for free. Download School Assistant from the App Store for free. Download Tasks from the App Store for free. Download Sigma Planner on the App Store for free. Download Charcoal from the App Store for free. Download Charty from the App Store for free. Download Buddywatch from the App Store for free.

Download Documents by Readdle on the App Store for free. Download Day One from the App Store for free. Download Pocket Lists from the App Store for free. Download GoodTask from the App Store for free. Download Spark from the App Store for free. Download Drafts from the Apple Store for free. Download Calendars from the App Store for free. Download Eventime from the App Store for free. Download Period Plus on the App Store for free. Download DataMan on the App Store for free.

Download Petty on the App Store for free. Calendars: agenda and reminders. The calendar compatible with native iOS, has additional functions such as reminders, tasks, calendar and routine creator.

Slopes: Ski and Snowbord. All snowboarding experience recorded and with the information needed to practice it using iOS and WatchOS systems.


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