Best iphone 12 widgets

best iphone 12 widgets

Its widgets offer a choice between film news, popular movies, and popular trailers, depending on the size and type of widget you choose. If you find Siri suggested apps user-friendly, you would appreciate the Siri Suggestions widget. My favorite thing about Drafts is that it allows me to quickly jot down notes. Weather forecasts are glanceable and you might want to see them without taking time out to find them. Color Widgets is one of the best iOS 14 home screen widget Apps. best iphone 12 widgets

Best iphone 12 widgets -

That can prove to be incredibly useful if you have family, friends, or colleagues in different parts of the world. World Clock — Time Zone Widget which has a similar name to the app above is another excellent alternative to track different time zones. It provides lots of flexibility with up to ten widget styles that display the time in compact and expanded layouts. The app also lets you display the time in digital or analog formats.

World Clock — Time Zone Widget does not hide anything behind a paywall. As its name implies, Widgetsmith is a widget builder and comes with loads of customization options to create custom clock widgets. If you want a widget that blends well with a specific wallpaper background, for example, Widgetsmith should help you come up with one quickly. You can start with any widget size small, medium, or large and use the various customization options underneath the Time category location, font, tint color, background color, time format, etc.

Widgetsmith also lets you create a host of other custom widgets related to areas such as calendars, reminders, weather, etc. Color Widgets comes with a handful of customizable clock widgets, where you can quickly change the font, theme, and background. The app also provides many pre-made clock widget templates and other widget types quotes, calendars, etc.

Widgets Go! They are best used with matching wallpapers. The app lets you add widgets in both the large and the medium sizes. If you love flip clocks, then the appropriately named FlipClock app should help you out. It comes with over ten unique flip clock widget skins. Clock Gallery provides a decent library of digital clock widget faces that are simply stunning to look at. Each clock widget Minimal, Bold Color, Pride, etc. With the apps above, you should have no trouble getting your hands on a clock widget that fits your tastes.

You can pair it with iPhone widgets for weather and much more. So, what was your favorite clock widget of the lot? Do you have any other recommendations? Sound off in the comments section below. Dilum Senevirathne is a freelance tech writer and blogger with three years of experience writing for online technology publications.

When he isn't hammering away at his Magic Keyboard, you can catch him binge-watching productivity hacks on YouTube. Read Dilum's Full Bio. All you have to do is add the Steve widget to Today View and start playing.

And in case the Steve game looks familiar to you, then yes, the dinosaur character and the gameplay itself were inspired by the Google Chrome Easter Egg. But the game is not only limited to Dinasour, you can play with other characters too by unlocking them.

Download Steve from App Store. Smart Stack is one of my favorite iPhone widgets. Like me, if you also hate keeping too many widgets on your home screen, then you can use this widget to create a stack of all useful widgets in one place.

Then you can swipe through them to switch between other widgets. And if you enable the Smart Rotate feature, then the app will try to learn your usage pattern and it will automatically change the widget based on the time of day. Do note, the widgets you are going to add to the stack needs to be of the same size. Also, this widget comes pre-installed on iOS If you are a stockbroker or trader and want to keep an eye on the stocks, then this is one of the top iOS 14 widgets.

Since the app is developed by Apple itself, so it will work fabulously on iOS And like many other widgets, this app also comes in multiple sizes, so choose whichever size you want to as per your need. Download Stocks from App Store. With this widget, you can always stay up to date and you can read more news stories from various topics such as politics, sports, entertainment, science, and so on.

The widget also gets refreshed every few minutes, so you will always get the latest news at a glance. Overall, Google News is one of the best widget apps for iOS 14 to view the latest news headlines on your home screen.

Download Google News from App Store. If you want to keep track of information related to your screen time, then this is the best free widget app for iPhone. It will show you all the essential information on your home screen without even going to the Setting App. It also comes in multiple sizes, so choose the widget size according to the amount of information you want to see.

Personally, I use only Color Widgets on my iPhone to keep my home screen as clean as possible. Now you tell me in the comments which widget you are going to use from this list. Also, if you know any other good widgets for iPhone, then feel free to comment below. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Gadget Liv. Color Widgets. None of these widget apps are free they all hv subscriptions attached!

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It also gives you the versatility to create unique widgets from bfst of combinations as per your specific needs, but whether you choose to use it to add a single photo to your best screen, or a complex system of timed widgets with Calendar and Activity integrations. Siri will then intelligently populate the widget with different apps throughout the day based on location and usage patterns. Then select the preferred size and hit the Add Widget button. Weather 122 focuses on customization to widget out from the crowd. Iphone the widgets are fully customizable, you can fine-tune them in line with your preference. Apollo iPhone home screen widget sports a simple and lightweight design.

Go through the list below and give your iPhone home screen a much-needed makeover. Clock Face offers dozens of customizable and unique watch widgets for your iPhone. Open the app and go to the watch face menu to get amazed by the watch widget designs offered by the developer.

There is something for everyone. You can find space clock, a clock widget for math nerds, a Rolex-style dial, and more. Select the preferred watch widget from the app and you will find it in the widget menu on the home screen. The default Clock app on the iPhone does support the world clock.

But the World Clock app takes the experience further with customization options and a cool-looking widget. You can edit widgets with three sizes and various theme options such as Light, Dark, Midnight, Turquoise, and Red. My favorite clock widget from the bunch is Timeline that easily compares the stage of the day for your timezone. Users have the flexibility to add battery percentage, day, date, and time.

As for the theming engine, you can customize the background color of every menu block from the app. One can also modify font colors. As the name suggests, Clock Gallery is a collection of cool clock widgets with a bunch of customization options. The app offers a minimal looking clock widget, Bold Color, Pride, Digital one that perfectly mimics your bed clock, and even a country flag clock.

You can select any widget and select configure to change the country flag, fonts, and background color. The app is completely free to use. Go ahead, give it a try. The above-mentioned apps offer built-in clock widgets to choose from. Color Widgets lets you create a clock widget from scratch. I like the style and design elements of the built-in clock widgets in the Color Widgets app. You can add a gradient background, picture wallpaper, and even select simple widgets with minimal clock style.

Weather apps have been aggressive in following the iOS 14 widget trend. ClimaCell stood out in the crowd with its accurate forecasts, rain and snow alerts, air quality maps, and wind speeds.

The widget plays perfectly fine with the iOS dark theme. So, you can have simple tasks like walking the dog highlighted by a dog symbol so you know exactly what it means , or more complicated tasks like run 10 miles this week, which you can fill up over time. The app can track up to 12 things at once, although that will obviously take up a lot of screen room even with symbols. It connects automatically to the Health app to track fitness and health goals, and will sync across all your devices.

Any task can also be timed if you need to do it for a certain period meditate, brush your teeth, etc. This widget provides a larger battery status node on your home screen for easier viewing, and throws in a useful countdown option as well. The countdown is useful if you want to remind yourself of any upcoming deadline, from turning in a project to attending an event or remembering a birthday.

Other widget options include an analog clock, a daily quote, and a basic calendar — not quite as useful, but something to experiment with to make sure you are getting the most out of your widgets.

Okay, so not everyone on the planet is a soccer i. You can choose which teams and players to follow when setting up the app for the first time, while the widget options range from the latest football news to the most recent results for your favorite teams. As you probably know, IMDb the Internet Movie Database is one of the best places on the web for info and news related to movies and television and more.

It also offers its own app, which has now been updated to include a home screen widget. Its widgets offer a choice between film news, popular movies, and popular trailers, depending on the size and type of widget you choose. Its widgets for iOS 14 work exactly on this basis, displaying inspirational quotes from historical figures and celebrities, and updating them throughout the day.

It may not do much more than that, but it really can take the edge off stress and anxiety. Do you walk 10, steps per day? Apollo is an excellent app for Reddit users that acts as a streamlined portal to the social network, making its posts and features more accessible and engaging.

It includes such features as a handy Jump Bar which lets you switch quickly between subreddits , fully customizable gestures, and a very slick Media Viewer. The app lets you create and view itineraries for your travels, simply by forwarding emailed reservations and bookings to its email address.

From there, it adds all the necessary info to the app. It offers a relatively broad range of widgets for iOS 14, including those that display your latest emails, as well as those that display your calendar and latest events. We want to note that Apple designed various native widgets for the iOS 14, built on top of several of its most handy apps, including Music, Clock, Photos, Notes, News, Stocks, and Weather, amongst others.

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