Best widgets for iphone 12

best widgets for iphone 12

Please enter your comment! Join our Discord Server for more posts like this! Apart from sporting an eye-grabbing design, the widget has a unique way of keeping you informed about how much juice is left in the tank of your iPhone. Batteries is a simple yet useful widget app on iOS I would suggest you choose the bigger size if you want to have quick access to more apps. best widgets for iphone 12

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BEST Widgets For iPhone (May 2021)

It currently has 7 different widget options. You can build a watch list or use the news feed. I mean we all need some kind of weather widget on our phones and this is it! Weather forecasts are glanceable and you might want to see them without taking time out to find them. So when Weather Line got a new update with widgets, it was always going to be a fun time. There are multiple widgets to choose from and they can all show different kinds of information.

Swipe up or down on one and you have instant and easy access to all the weather data you need! Primary Menu. Search for: Search. Widget Smith Widgetsmith has become extremely popular for home screens.

Coinbase The Coinbase app is a must for investing in cryptocurrency. Fliptroniks IOS Newsletter. Mystic Elements Slot Review. It has over cool widgets for the iPhone. You can make changes like background photo, fonts, and widget design. And to make your iPhone home screen even more gorgeous, Color Widgets also comes with free icon sets.

The app also has a premium plan that will unlock all premium widgets, icon sets, and hundreds of designs. Overall Color Widgets is a good iPhone widget app and you should definitely give it a shot.

Download Color Widgets from App Store. Also featured in — Top Weather Apps for iPhone. If you are looking for a good weather app that also has a nice looking widget, then Hey Weather is the best iOS 14 widget for you. The app has three widget sizes: small, medium, and large.

And each of them can be customized as per your liking. You can change things like background color and icon style. The only limitation is you have to subscribe to a premium plan to unlock all widgets, colors, icons, and a few other things. Download HeyWeather from App Store.

If you are also a person like me who forgets most of the things and has to depend on the note-taking app to keep track of all the important things, then this app will help you a lot. All you have to do is add the sticky note widget on your home screen and enter the text.

Now all your important notes will be right at your glance and edit them whenever you want. Download Sticky Widgets from App Store. The Calendar is another app from Apple on this list that comes with three cool iPhone widgets.

The design of the Calendar widget is clean and modern. Also, the app is completely free and has no ads or in-app purchases. Download Calendar from App Store. Batteries is a simple yet useful widget app on iOS It displays the battery status of the iPhone, along with all the Bluetooth devices that are connected to your iPhone. If you are getting bored, and you have nothing to do, then try Steve.

It is an endless runner game that you can play without even opening the actual game. Yes, you heard it right. All you have to do is add the Steve widget to Today View and start playing. And in case the Steve game looks familiar to you, then yes, the dinosaur character and the gameplay itself were inspired by the Google Chrome Easter Egg.

But the game is not only limited to Dinasour, you can play with other characters too by unlocking them. Download Steve from App Store. Smart Stack is one of my favorite iPhone widgets. Like me, if you also hate keeping too many widgets on your home screen, then you can use this widget to create a stack of all useful widgets in one place.

Then you can swipe through them to switch between other widgets. And if you enable the Smart Rotate feature, then the app will try to learn your usage pattern and it will automatically change the widget based on the time of day. Do note, the widgets you are going to add to the stack needs to be of the same size.


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