Green widgets ios 14

green widgets ios 14

So for everyone who's worried their iPhone was spying on them and listening, now they have something to look for. TimeDeck is another very simple widget that can spice things up on your home screen, and make it look a bit more interesting. TimeDeck TimeDeck is another very simple widget that can spice things up on your home screen, and make it look a bit more interesting. Not a lot of people tend to travel the world due to the pandemic, which makes popular tourist destinations rather empty. Published Date: March 31,

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BEST iOS 14 Widgets - You Must Have !

You've likely seen the green dot while taking photos, or used any of the many teleconferencing applications, such as FaceTime, Houseparty, Zoom and Google Meet. Just as with the orange dot, pull down the top right corner to see the Control Center, if you want to learn which app is using your camera. I've mostly seen the green dot while snapping photos and going on Discord group video calls. If you want to learn more about how a specific app handles your data, there's a Privacy Policy button near the bottom of each app's page in the App Store.

Apple's also intent on making app developers ask users for the permission to gather data and track their activity across devices. However, this change is not live in iOS 14, it's coming by the end of the year, and it won't be mandatory until next year, as Apple announced earlier this month. Apple couched the delay as an effort "To give developers time to make necessary changes. You can find him at your local pro wrestling events, and looking for the headphone adapter that he unplugged from his iPhone.

Tom's Guide. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. However, they can tell you how many new emails you have, or what the next event for the day is supposed to be.

Also, if you wish, you can also add some more complex widgets that will give you more insight into your inbox, as well as your calendar. The app is very useful, well-organized, and it can help you manage your time and communications rather effectively.

Knowing the weather is important for a lot of people, from travelers to farmers. So, since you already have an opportunity, why not try out Weather Line? The app is very useful on its own, and even more so now when it has iOS widgets. You can get an hourly one, a daily one, or even a long-term forecast.

Apart from the current and expected weather, the widget also offers an entire array of useful data, such as the wind speed, sunrise and sunset time, and more.

While you can use it for free, you can also purchase a premium plan and unlock a lot of other features, such as a radar, a day forecast, minute-by-minute precipitation, and more. Having useful widgets is great, but having useful and stylish widgets is better. ColorWidgets is a free widget that lets you add a bit of style to your phone by offering a free Time and Battery widget with multiple color styles. In the fourth spot, we have IMDb —a website, app, and now a widget that can help you with the eternal dilemma of what to watch next.

If you have used the app before, then you likely know that it comes with tons of features that you can use. Well, now it also has a ton of widgets that offer those features on your home screen.

You can add a widget that will display popular movie trailers, or information about which actors are born on the current day, news regarding shows and movies, and more. If you are considering adding organization-focused apps and widgets, Timepage is another choice you might want to consider.

The app itself has a rather forward-thinking design, but its widget section is something that is truly going to impress you. You can add pretty much anything, depending on what you need. For example, there are some widgets that are ultra-minimal, and they will only show you a few calendars. It also has a weather widget, which is a nice touch. Lastly, they also change to match the main color of the app, whichever you might choose to set — and there are rather a lot of them.

Next up, we have an app that can help you quite a bit in regard to your finances. Copilot will no longer need you to open the app. Instead, you will be able to see all the info about your spending habits on your home screen. Best of all, you can select widgets that will only display specific categories, such as groceries.

There is also a widget that will give you an immediate insight into your account balance, although this is likely not something you wish to use if you often show your phone to others. However, you could consider widgets that will list your transactions, so that you can keep track of what you spend on, how much you pay for items, and more.

If you happen to follow Canadian news, CBC is the app you want — especially now, when the app has its own widget. You can set it up to display the most popular stories, local news, or even focus on a specific topic. You can also choose the size of the widgets, making them mid-sized or large. Small sizes are, unfortunately, not supported. Merriam-Webster Dictionary is an app that has found its way on plenty of iOS phones. MoneyCoach is another budgeting app that has a widget for iOS 14, and while it may be just another one of those in an entire sea of others, it does come with one important distinction.

That is the fact that you can use it free of charge. The app features 10 new widgets that will offer access to some of the most important budgeting info. For example, you can keep track of your saving goals or spending against a single budget. While is a difficult year for the travel industry, it might also be one of the best years for travelers.

Not a lot of people tend to travel the world due to the pandemic, which makes popular tourist destinations rather empty. All you need to do is find accommodation, and Hotwire is one of the best apps for that sort of thing. Now, it even has a widget that will list top weekend deals close by. Many agree that there is a bit more work that should go into the widget, and allow the user greater customization options. However, for the time being, it is worth using as it is, so definitely check it out.

If you like going on long walks, conquering your goals, and getting some exercise, in general, then Pedometer might be just the app for you. Tap Add Widget, then tap Done.

Edit your widgets With iOS 14, you can configure your widgets. Tap Edit Widget. Make your changes, then tap outside of the widget to exit. Create a Smart Stack A Smart Stack is a pre-built collection of widgets that displays the right widget based on factors like your location, an activity, or time.

Scroll down and tap Smart Stack. Tap Add Widget. Create your own widget stacks Touch and hold an app or empty area on the Home Screen or Today View until the apps jiggle. Drag a widget on top of another widget. You can stack up to 10 widgets. Edit a widget stack Touch and hold the widget stack. Tap Edit Stack.

From here, you can reorder the widgets in the stack by dragging the grid icon. You can also turn on Smart Rotate if you want iOS to show you relevant widgets throughout the day.

Or swipe left over a widget to delete it.


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