Iphone third party widgets

iphone third party widgets

Windows Mac iPhone Android. Tack the Top Read widget onto your Home screen, and you will see an intriguing list of the most popular Wikipedia articles at any given time. The launch of iOS 14 has introduced the use of widgets for iPhone, making home screens more functional. Then, you just add the widget, tell the app where to position it on the Home screen, and it takes care of the rest! The automatic setting will give you localized headlines based on your current location. Type keyword s to search. Well, you can use this home screen widget to keep an eye on the clock, weather information, steps, countdown, timer, holidays , and more.

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iOS 14 - 15+ Widgets You NEED to Try!

The Shortcuts widget, for example, deep-links to the Recents, Favorites, and Computer section of the app, helping you jumpstart your workflow in seconds. The date-focused note-taking app Agenda comes with three different widgets sizes that help you keep track of upcoming notes. It also comes with customizable widgets that you can deep-link to your favorite tracks.

Unwind is an app that helps you focus, relax, and sleep better with use of breathing exercises. To top things up, you also gets widgets that relay your daily mindfulness stats with a matching background image. The third-party email client Spark comes with several widgets that can show information such as your latest messages and upcoming calendar events. However, the Emails and Actions widget is the best of the lot.

It provides quick access to your Inbox and offers a neat row of shortcuts — Search, Calendar, Attachments, and Compose. Soor is a third-party Apple Music client that offers a handful of widgets superior in functionality to their native counterparts in almost every way. For example, the Now Playing widget lets you figure out the exact song that is currently playing right from the Home screen or Today View.

Another widget, dubbed the Collection widget, offers quick access to Favorites, Playlists, New Releases, and so on. There are also two sizes to pick from — medium and large. Brief is an impartial and unbiased news app. Add the Brief widget to your Home screen and keep up with the latest news without having your emotions run high.

And with a collection of over five Home screen widgets, you should have a much easier time tracking how well you are faring. WaterMinder , built by the same folk behind HabitMinder, lets you keep tabs on your water intake habits. It also comes with ten different Home screen widgets to help make that easier. However, there are also great third-party apps that will give you a widget that can be more comprehensive, more customizable, and might fit your needs better. For customizable widgets, there are apps like Widgetsmith that gives you a whole range of widgets for various functions including calendar, battery monitor, weather, astronomy and more.

Widgetsmith can also be optionally integrated with Apple Health to display your steps and activity in a widget that you can design as you wish. Hey Weather is a handy, simple and accurate weather app that has great customization features for widgets. You can also set it up to display the weather in other places like your destination or where your friends and family are.

Hey Weather allows you to monitor up to 10 cities which you can display on your home screen in different fun colors. You can also customize your widgets with various icons and styles available on the app. MemoWidget lets you add a widget on your home screen that displays the list of memos you have saved.

You can now see all the to-dos and reminders you noted on the app. You can also easily tap on the widget to add new memos. The app offers fully customizable widgets where you can use different colors or photos as background.

It lets you add unlimited accounts in different currencies and view your expenses and statistics over time. With the Aviary app, you can add widgets on your home screen that display the most recent tweets and you can even view your timeline feed live. The app lets you customize your feed using powerful Tweet filters for filtering words, hashtags, users, tweets, and more.

ETA is a paid app that provides live traffic update and it comes with widget features that lets you easily know your travel time at the moment. Not only do you get new functionality on your home screen, but you can also create it in your own unique style. Using widgets, you can add reminders, calendar, photos, battery, and a lot more to the home screen.

In this guide, we will cover two such apps. Widgetsmith provides you with a couple of templates that you can customize. If you are looking for something more complex, where you can actually create different layouts in a widget, try the block-based Widgeridoo app. The Widgetsmith app lets you create widgets for display time, date, calendar, reminders, weather, health stats, tides, astronomy, and photos. Each widget can be customized in small, medium, and large sizes. The process for customizing the widget is the same, so for this example, we are going to customize a Day and Date widget with custom fonts and colors.

Here, grant permissions for features that you want to use Reminders, Calendar, or Photos app. In this example, we will create a Medium widget. Pick a style here. Here, the default option is Black. The widget is now created.

iphone third party widgets


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