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smart stack widget

Say we read a big map-of-strings-to-strings from a JSON file, and then encapsulate it inside a Config class that only allows read access to the map. Retrieved February 22, To ensure you always have a ton of attractive widgets to choose from, the app frequently updates the catalog with all-new widgets. Spotify Swedish music streaming giant Spotify with over million active users remains by far one of the best music streaming apps out there. I assume this is going to be no problem for anybody: If you have grievances "I wrote that code assuming the copyright would stay the same" mail me. You can also turn on Smart Rotate if you want iPadOS to show you relevant widgets throughout the day. Comes pre-installed

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We regularly feature new and exclusive content created by our designers, which allows us to offer a wide range of themes to suit any need or project, and gives us confidence that any user — whether long-term or new to Musefree — will be able to find a theme or widget for their project. We try to include tutorials and guides with all widgets, which means that our users are never left in the dark or confused. I should mention this to avoid confusion; added, thanks. Probably not for a couple of months though, if I do get to it.

And I may not. I can see the point that reference types represent a somewhat awkward subset of std::optional T. Herb: fair enough. What worries me here is the number of ways and opinions going on — with real world coders I just wonder what would be used in the average non-guru shop or guru populated shop for that matter! The use of the raw pointer does have its simplicity in this case and the only really good argument against it is in a sink function, even then a suitable name such as ProcessAndDelete might suffice.

It should not beyond the ability of a compiler to have a autoptr mk2 that is compiled into the most efficient type for the job. Be like having Herb or Meyers standing behind you :. That way the mutability is visible at the call site, there are no raw pointers in user code, and there is no question as to whether the referenced variable needs to be initialised or not because it only has to be initialised for an inout variable.

What if the callee will make a decision about whether to share ownership or not? Can I confirm that your opinion has changed since then? Having mutability visible at the call site is useful. But this is not the same as a language feature. For example, the compiler would not be able to compile the following code due to the templated function parameter:. And yes, my opinion has changed. As I noted in a comment on the question, there is another use for d.

Some functions may choose to either take or not take ownership of an object by criteria to be decided at run-time, perhaps by inspecting the object itself. Ada, C. The argument was that for. I have a question about example c. A trivial case is below results in a crash , but one can easily imagine a less trivial case — say, if the function were to run some validation on the data passed to it which could result in a new instantiation of that data….

Added, thanks. It also has a nice side benefit of less visual ambiguity between const ptr and ptr. It seems like a clone method would have to choose between better type-safety but using a raw owning pointer or returning a smart pointer and requiring casts. Reminds me of the guy who was hitting himself with a hammer.

It would be just as bad if I hit myself with a brick or anything else for that matter! Yes, if g calls f then as long as f is still running, then g is still running. But g could pass to f a member variable, m, which presently refers to an object, and then some unholy, filthy chain of callbacks set off within f could reach back and cause m to be mutated, all while f — and therefore g — still have not returned. When can it be relied on? How can we tell?

It can be relied on as long as there is no aliasing of the pointer. Again, choose your poison! The point is that if you have data races with your smart pointer or your pointed-to object, then neither by-copy or by-ref is going to help you. Hi everybody, I came back o read again this post because I was in front of a dilema and I was wondering what is the best way to express it. To me addWidgetList is a sink, the object will take the ownership of the vector.

Herb correctly does not.. That guarantee including the disclaimer-in-brackets that sadly undermines it is all about a single thread. Okay, fine, so leave threads out of it.

In that case, however, it still gives you no safety against changes in the object itself. The other person who is also holding the same single red rose between their teeth can bite through the stem and ruin the rose. He is not talking at all about the internal state of the pointed-to object at all. To make this absolutely concrete: what if the pointed-to object is immutable? Say we read a big map-of-strings-to-strings from a JSON file, and then encapsulate it inside a Config class that only allows read access to the map.

But we want it to be deleted when no longer in use. Given that what you want is exactly what you get here, then we all agree. Thanks for your time. I apologise! Thanks for the effort anyway. Of course pVal in this function could actually be used as an iterator with some fun old school pointer math going on. Unfortunately, your example of legacy code is exactly the reason why this was a bad decision.

Retrieved July 12, Archived from the original on November 24, But we wjdget it to be deleted when no longer in use. Published Date: April 12, For example, Mozilla FirefoxOpenOffice. Create your own Smart Stack that widget smart you the stack you need, when you need it.

As the widgets are fully customizable, widhet can fine-tune them in line with your preference. After updating the app, you widget to smart it before the widget will show up as an option. You can also rearrange your widgets. This directly addresses both of these costs and pushes their performance widyet down into the noise for most applications, and especially eliminates the second cost because it is an antipattern to add and remove references in smart loops. Hence, stack the recently played songs or your favorite podcasts would be quite straightforward. Archived from the stack on May 19,: Smart stack widget

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IOS 14 PHOTO WIDGET CHOOSE PHOTO You can also turn on Smart Rotate if you want iPadOS to show you relevant widgets throughout the day.
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smart stack widget


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